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Just A Few of Our Services…

Standard details

Our standard details include verandas and alfescos, open and enclosed sheds – both cold form steel design and using hot rolled structural steel, live-in and stable barns, steel and timber wall and roof framing for residential houses, footings, fences and screen walls (brick fences), retaining walls (limestone, brick, and panel & post), swimming pools (internal and external), lintels, beams, sheds, and patios.

Structural certification

We provide structural engineering certification of your plans. Once we have been provided with your drawings we will amend them with any relevant notes or details and also stamp and sign them so your drawings are ready for council or building inspector approval.

Inspection Reports

We can provide inspection reports for Perth, Geraldton, and the Mid-West region. We have experience in structural damage inspections, retrospective certification, wall removal and renovation inspection and certifications, and compliance inspections.

Custom Residential Design

We have engineers who specialise in residential and light commercial design. Expert advice and industry leading, cost effective solutions are our trademark. We specialise in suspended slabs, proprietary lightweight flooring systems, composite flooring systems, and suspended timber floors. We will always provide you with the most economical and best performing design.

Soil Testing

We have facilities able to test soil and provide site classification to AS2870 and the Building Code of Australia. We provide fixed fee testing whether for sand sites or clay sites.

Industrial and commercial sheds, warehouses, and other buildings

An efficient structural design can often save tens of thousands of dollars in construction. Our engineers specialise in efficient, economical, safe design – from the footings right up to the purlins, our designs are optimised for maximum performance.

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