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We'll show you how we can send your engineering drawings conveniently and easily straight to your inbox.

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Structural Engineers Online

We'll show you how we can send your engineering drawings conveniently and easily straight to your inbox.

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How this works

  • Most structural engineering work design work is routine and straight forward. With technology, any information we need can easily be sent via email, phone, or video chat. 
  • This is more convenient for the client and allows us to lower our fees considerably.
  • If the building work has been carried out according to the design drawings, most of the time there is no requirement for an Engineer to inspect it after construction - this will usually be the job of the building surveyor.
  • For smaller projects, we'll simply ask any important questions over phone, email, or video chat - then we can easily supply you with engineering drawings to suit your needs.
  • For larger or more complex projects, you can simply send through a hand drawn sketch so we're clear on what we need to provide you.
  • If a site visit or meeting is required, we can arrange it.
  • All our work is 100% guaranteed to be compliant with the building code of Australia and the National Construction Code 2019.

Who we are

  • Engineering Online Australia is a Perth based Australian structural engineering consultancy who's goal is to simplify the design and certification process.
  • We provide quick online certification, sign-off, and design work, for owner builders, local Australian building companies, architects, and project managers.
  • Our engineers have over 35 years experience in the Australian construction industry, and are responsible for over ten thousand buildings Australia wide.
  • All our engineers are degree qualified Chartered Professional Engineers recognised by Engineer's Australia and the National Engineering Register.
  • We are fully licenced and registered in every Australian state and territory.
ncc compliant

Our services

1. For your Council building approval application

  • We can provide drawing and specifications signed by Professioanal Structural Engineers for nearly all residential and light commercial building work.
  • Our quick turn-around times mean that you will be able to get your application into Council faster and finish your construction sooner.
  • Visit our "Services" page to learn more about what we can provide.
  • Request a quote easily from our friendly quotes team and we'll send you a same day quote.
  • Contact us if you have any questions or need advice.

2. For builders or architects

The majority of our work comes from our repeat clients who have used us for years: builders and architects around Australia who need a convenient, matter of fact, no-nonsense and hassle free approach.

We can provide standard details usually within 24 hours, with larger projects generally completed within a week. You'll also save thousands on material and construction costs with our economical designs.

Simply contact us or request a quote now.

Request a FREE quote

No matter what you construction project, we can help you save time and money. It's quick, easy and convenient.

Case studies



Workshop Manager

Belgrave South, Victoria

"Great to see online tech mixed with old fashioned service"

Get your FREE engineering technical advice phone session for your building project

If you're an owner builder or builder, one of our expert Structural Engineers will give you a call to discuss your project and suggest ways to help you save money on your construction costs and achieve your goals.

(Others charge up to $500 for this).

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Our engineers are responsible for thousands of buildings all over Australia.

Here's some of our recent projects:

henderson shed

Large industrial workshop with 80 tonne gantry crane (Henderson)

Boutique style residential premises

Boutique style residential premises.

Terrace multi building designs in concrete & masonry

Terrace multi storey building designs in masonry and concrete.

300 Tonne Commercial Boat Lifter Runways

300 tonne capacity commercial boat lifter reinforced concrete runways (Geraldton Port)

Design & certification of industrial supports

Design and certification of industrial supports.

Large heritage dilapidation & repair reports

Large heritage dilapidation and repair report.

Modern style concrete, glass & masonry buildings

Modern style concrete, glass, and masonry comercial development (Geraldton CBD).

Glass clad commercial buildings

Glass clad commercial building (Geraldton).

Modern tilt-up concrete business buildings

Modern style tilt-up concrete panel business building.

Low rise steel & timber framed buildings

Low rise steel and timber framed building (Perth WA).

Gravity & other masonry retaining walls of all types

Gravity style concrete block retaining wall (Perth WA).

engineering online perth

Grain truck shelter. (Bunbury docks)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Have you worked with my local council or shire before?

Can I talk to you about my project at any stage?

Will I get to see my engineering design before I pay for it?

When do you require payment?

What payment forms do you accept?

Do you comply with the Building Code of Australia (National Construction Code) and the Australian Standards?

Do you need to know the soil class of my site?

Do you do shop drawings, fabrication drawings, manufacturing drawings, or steel detailing?

Do you do designs in cyclonic regions?

If my builder has any questions regarding my project, can they call you?

We operate in every state and city, including:


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